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Mobile development

Drive your business up with great mobile app

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iPad flutter app
iPhone Flutter app

There are no boundaries for you

Your app can be

android flutter app
iPhone flutter app

Clean and intuitive

The app can be fully identical to both iOS and Android. Or, it can have a platform-specific look. We hate lagging apps and lots of pointless animations. We adore buttery smooth animations, that help users to understand the app and easily navigate through it. 

Native look and feel

Fast to implement

Buttery smooth

Highload and complex

We have experience in building complex mobile apps that handle lots of data and security. Using a serverless approach you can be sure, that you won't pull to refresh. The whole app will have a real-time update. Also, use servers only when the app needs it. This will save you money.

Great performance

Real-time updates from the box

Cheaper maintenance

iPad flutter app

Cross-platform and custom

We build apps for different dimensions and platforms from a single codebase. This means that we deliver new features for all platforms at the same time. Features and changes can be made one time, not twice or more.
Moreover, we love to build complex UI and tackle with any kind of problem.

Fully responsive

Single codebase, less code - fewer bugs

Pixel perfect design

What we are passionate about


We love to build beautiful interfaces to have a glance at your idea


MVP with a clean design is what we can build really fast with best cross-platform solutions and serverless backend

Mobile apps

Stable, smooth and fast iOS and Android apps from single codebase is what we are experts in


New cloud solutions make development process faster and cheaper, eliminating server setup and development

Technologies of our choice

Google Cloud helps to make truly powerfull serverless mobile apps
Flutter is Google's framework to build native cross-platform mobile apps
Firebase is serverless database, push notifications, analytics, predictions and much more
Golang is the most performant, stable and scalable language for backend we use

Let's build something great together

Thank you!

We will write you back as soon as possible.

Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61000

Otakara Yarosha Ln, 22

+38 (067) 267-5669

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